Cryptocurrency & Commodity Exchange
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SLEX is a Global Cryptocurrency & Commodity Trading platform focused on the development and promotion digital and blockchain based assets trading. SLEX Exchange is a server access point that will be a link with products ecosystem, also providing various ways for users to earn. SLEX Token is a driver of extra abilities for any holder.
Easy Trading Markets for Everyone
SLEX Exchange income sharing for SLEX holders. Get SLEX and Hold it to start earning from the revenue that exchange generate
SLEX Revenue Sharing
Earn fees instead paying fees for placing orders. Benefit from fee reimbursement with Slex. Gain fees instead of paying them if you provide a liquidity to the exchange
Fee Reimbursement
Get up to 25% discount on all trading fees
Trading Fee Discount
Access to exclusive token sales and best offers on SLEX Launchpad
Access to Launchpad
SLEX Exchange offers for clients getting the maximum benefit from the usage and storage of SLEX tokens. SLEX Team main goal is to diversify SLEX holders by extracting and aggregating resources that the cryptocurrency exchange produces. The use of SLEX tokens is not limited to trading fees discount and staking - use the Magic of Cryptocurrency Routing just holding SLEX Tokens, and maximize passive income opportunity from the complex financial markets on the cryptocurrency exchange.
Get monthly SLEX Exchange income holding SLEX tokens
Funds Magic Routing
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Trade freely on the open market of real assets, such as gold, platinum, silver, and other commodities. Trade without deliveries, with low commission and a referral program.
Commodity markets for non-delivery exchange operations.
Trade Real Assets Internally
Margin Trading
Low Fees
Most Tradeble Assets
24/7 Availibility
API Trading
Native Produced Commodity backed by SLEX
Trusted Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
All assets are insured and will be returned from the insurance fund in case of an attack or loss of assets due the end fault of the exchange.
Insurance Fund
SLEX stores 10% of all trading fees in a secure asset fund to protect a share of user funds.
Absolute security
Distributed storage and access to cold wallets ensures high standards of data security and reliability.
Distributed Ledgers
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Our strategic partner is a world-renowned mining company, which guarantees the supply of liquidity and a secure trading environment.

The company provides mining in several cities in the DRC, including Lubumbashi, Kakanda, and Likasi, and has a supply of $3 billion.
Trust, Public and Security Storage
Commodity Proof
of Reserves
Commodity Backed
Native Mining
Legit & Official
What is Trading Today
Low Fees for trading, passive earning, and asset management.
Low Fees
Spot trading with 100+ Tokens.
Stake, lend and use funds to get passive income
Passive Income
Buy crypto using any convenient means to top up your account balance
Pay with Card
Gifts and special trading conditions for referrals and SLEX holders.
Referral & Holders
Track crypto assets through the personal profile and manage your crypto portfolio.
Portfolio Tracker
Trade commodities like gold and platinum with crypto pairs.
Grab your chance to guess the market and earn.
Prediction Market
Trade on the go. Anywhere, anytime.
SLEX App is Coming